Why are microgreens referred to as cash crops

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Why are Microgreens often referred to as cash crops?

Food prices have been dropping for a couple of decades. These days they are barely covering the costs of a farming business. Microgreens in particular are an exception to this paradigm. If you grow smart, these little shoots can help create a very profitable operation, here’s how:

1. Microgreens sell at high prices to specific niches: chefs, foodies or just people who pursue a healthy lifestyle,…
2. Their exceptionally high nutrient density attracts customers who choose a healthy lifestyle. They contain higher vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels than mature vegetables. In fact, research comparing microgreens to their mature counterparts report that nutrient levels can be up to 40x higher.
3. The flavour of microgreens is so intense that chefs and foodies go nuts over these babies. In addition, they are perfect to use as plate decorations.
4. Up to 35 harvest per year. Depending on the variety, microgreens only need 1 to 2 weeks to grow. Even if for some reason, something goes wrong with a batch, you won’t miss out on an entire seasonal income.
5. Many different varieties. If you decide to only grow microgreens, you’ll still be able to offer a wide variety of products. There are at least 25 types which are commercially popular, and the market still allows for more exploration.
6. Grow wherever you like. With the right (vertical farming) technology you don’t need a lot of space to grow microgreens. This allows you to grow close to the consumer, contributing to a higher profit margin.
7. No more seasons. Via Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) microgreens can be grown year round. This provides you with a sustainable, reliable income.