A horticulturist is constantly vigilant of the climate conditions in your greenhouse. Smart use of energy and resources will determine whether you work at profits or losses.

Coupling your greenhouse to an installation for fish cultivation creates new opportunities. By coupling both systems you get an aquaponics ecosystem that allows for a better management of resource and energy use. Furthermore, risks are spread over different proceeds and you gain new commercial possibilities.

You do not know aquaponics yet? Visit our demo; we are specialised in accompanying you in your first steps in aquaculture and aquaponics.

Wish to share energy, resources or space with your neighbours? Smart Farmers can facilitate the coupling of companies in horticulture, agrofood and aquaculture. Our aquaponics ecosystem can be coupled and decoupled, meaning you work individually with shared advantages!

Smart Farming

Clean Tech

Smart Farmers supports new entrepreneurs in smart farming, as well as anyone looking to produce food extremely efficiently and profitable.

Technology has improved our food production for years. Technology also evolves rapidly and offers increasing possibilities for precision agriculture and use of big data.

Investing in new technology is profitable if combined with a good commercial plan and a smart tailor-made installation. Growing fish and/or crops with full control over production factors is possible and affordable. Sensors provide for the necessary data for more yields and automatic sequencing allow for a user-friendly system. Visit our demo in Ghent, we are happy to discuss your plans and can give first hand advice, deliver a detailed study or build your installation.

Urban Farming

Urban Development

An architect, city developer or entrepreneur in urban farming knows that possibilities are array to bring food production into the city.

Smart, intensive urban farming optimizes the scarce urban space. Intelligent urban farming also uses residuals as resources. Excess or surplus materials are turned into resources, turning the city into an ecosystem where people live and produce food smartly.

Smart Farmers is a pioneer in urban farming with the ‘Urban Smart Farm’, a farm built in an old freight container where nature and technology come together in aquaponics.

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