Our expertise

Smart use of energy and resources increases profits for any company. Smart Farmers couple nature with technology in ecosystems for food production. Cost-effectiveness and a positive impact on the environment are one in the agriculture of the future.


Aquaponics combine fish and crop farming in a controlled ecosystem. Plants gert nutrients from the fish water, making artificial fertilizer unnecessary. Waste is also reused in an efficient and closed system.

Smart Farmers is expert at building aquaponics installations for cost-effective and future-proof farming. We design and install turn-key projects with support and training. We can deliver for farming of warm water fish such as tilapia, as well as local fish such as trout.

Local fish farming is the future. Fish grow fast and healthily under well controlled conditions. Recirculating water from the fish and controlling waste render the product more efficient and ecological.

The advantages of aquaponics

  • cost-effective and ecological
  • 365 days of crops
  • maximum profits per m²
  • economical use of water and energy
  • full control thanks to digital monitoring system
  • risk spreading due to combined crops
  • more yields with less labour
  • local, ecological and healthy production


Smart Farmers builds vertical farming systems with crops growing in heights. The vegetables or herbs get nutrients through hydroculture and light through LED technology. Our system is measured and built to the needs of your company. We ensure a stable environment where all parameters are monitored.

Thanks to vertical farming, energy, resources and production is optimized for a higher return on investment. By growing in heights you save on space and get higher yields per square meter. Our LED technology allows for the same ideal conditions year-round. LED lighting also allows for energy-saving production in greenhouses adapted to the crops, even in periods with little natural light.

The big advantages of vertical farming

  • highest yields per m²
  • several yields per year
  • crop growing in several layers
  • fresh, healthy food close to the consumer
  • ideal for short-chain production
  • no need for pesticides or treatment afterwards
  • every drop of water is used and reused
  • turn-key installation with support

Close to the consumer

Vertical farming is the ideal solution in times of expensive ground or if you want to increase your yields by square meter. By producing in or close to the city you reduce distribution costs and you are closer to the consumer. You can offer your clients local, healthy and fresh products, free from artificial fertilizer, antibiotics or pesticides.

Tailor-made solutions and coupling of systems

A research facility for LED? An educational aquaponics system. Or a vertical farm in a warehouse or a container filled with microgreens?

You are active in agriculture, horticulture or run a company with excess energy, nutrients or other resources? A few pioneers explored combing fish and vegetable farming, which allowed them to increase cost-effectiveness of their installations. We turn this coupling into a circular production system. No waste, only resources.

Tailor-made solutions

You have a project in mind. Is it technically viable? How do you go about the design? Smart Farmers supports you creatively, from feasibility study to implementation.