Is LED farming or vertical farming profitable? Yes, when you use steered LED lighting in well chosen production or research situations. Fast rotating or high end crops are perfect for indoor farming. Smart Farmers has been pioneering with LED lighting for vertical farming since 2015. We have experienced that optimal results can be obtained by selecting the correct light spectrum, light intensity and a correct monitoring of all production parameters. Vertical farming requires an initially important investment, but has a proven return on investment thanks to the stable production environment.

Vertical farming or indoor farming is not only interesting in terms of production but also in terms of research and development. Smart Farmers can build your growth chamber or climate chamber at very competitive prices.

What Does a Vertical Farm or LED Farm Render?

In the example below you will discover the yields and costs of a vertical farm with microgreens in 6 layers. Ground surface is 30 m3, corresponding to a large freight container.

  • Yields: 155.000 portions a year Important costs: seeds, electricity, (bio-degradable) packaging and transport
  • Important parameters LED: light spectrum, light intensity and periodicity of lighting
  • Other parameters: temperature, humidity, CO2 and EC
  • Growth period microgreens: a couple of days
  • Growth period herbs and lettuce- and other salad plants: 4-5 weeks
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Vertical Farms we build

Container Farm

They offer the ideal solution for research and development, as pilot units or to grow crops on unique or temporary locations.

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Microgreen Farm

In a vertical farm microgreens grow very rapidly and have an excellent pay-back time.

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CBD Farm

In places where CBD and hemp can be legally farmed, they are excellent crops for a high return on your vertical farm investment.

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