In a vertical farm microgreens grow very rapidly and have an excellent pay-back time. Our indoor farms use an optimized light spectrum and light intensity for dense and tasty microgreens. The recommended light spectrum also makes visual control of your crops easy. We build microgreen farms in containers, basements, warehouses…

Easy grow

Microgreens grow on substrates of hemp, textile, coco and need little to no nutrients. Seeds are full of energy and taste; when provided with the right climate and adapted light, crops grow autonomously.

Dynamic crops, high ROI:

  • Excellent pay back time
  • Wide array of microgreens in one installation
  • High quality and modern product, highly appreciated by chefs
  • Lower total energy use
  • Optimized LED fixtures with selected intensity and light spectrum
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Optimal workflow

A good workflow organization is crucial. Smart Farmers is your partner for advice and tailor-made solutions in microgreen farming. Contact us for a feasibility check of your project, free of charge.

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