In a vertical farm microgreens grow very rapidly and have an excellent pay-back time. Microgreens pay back fast so they are an excellent cash crop. They take little space and are easily grown in multiple layers. Our selected light spectrum enhances growth and visual control.

Easy grow

Microgreens grow on substrates of hemp, textile, coco and need little to no nutrients. Seeds are full of energy and taste; when provided with the right climate and adapted light, crops grow autonomously.

To set up a microgreen operation you need a germination zone, a production room and sufficient space for sewing, harvesting, storing and cleaning. You will be busy and productive: 1m² of grow space will provide 2-3kgs of microgreens every 5-15 days. This output will of course depend on the varieties you are growing. Some slow growers make good money, some fast growers make average money. Fast growers with high return will be the stars of your farm of course.

Dynamic crops, high ROI:

  • Excellent pay back time
  • Wide array of microgreens in one installation
  • High quality and modern product, highly appreciated by chefs
  • Lower total energy use
  • Water efficiency via re-circulation
  • No pesticides through prevention in controlled environment
  • No fertilizer needed
  • Optimized LED fixtures with selected intensity and light spectrum
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Case: MicroFlavours

Smart Farmers was asked to design and build a professional turnkey microgreen farm in Brussels. Microgreens grow in a fully climatized room in five layers. All processes including lighting, irrigation and climatization are fully automated. A separate germination room with automated trolleys takes care of the very important early stage of microgreen farming. In this way an old beer brewery cellar was turned into a contemporary subterranean city farm.


Set up a microgreen farm

First steps to set up a microgreen farm include:

  1. Start growing and experiment;
  2. Explore the market, identify client groups;
  3. Set up a team and work flow (do not underestimate sewing and harvesting);
  4. Calculate your investment (needs)  for your professional farm

Smart Farmers guides you through these and the following steps and supports you from concept to design, implementation and start up.

A good workflow organization is crucial. Smart Farmers is your partner for advice and tailor-made solutions in microgreen farming. Contact us for a feasibility check of your project, free of charge. Just click the link below.