Container LED farms are practical in their mobility and robustness. They offer the ideal solution for research and development, as pilot units or to grow crops on unique or temporary locations. We build LED farms in new or refurbished shipping containers. We ship container farms world wide.

Custom made installations

Our container farms offer all our techniques in just a few square meters. You can grow crops in up to 6 layers. Are you looking to work with floating rafts or rather ‘ebb and flow’ technique? Do you want warm days and cold nights? What is the ideal humidity for your crop? Which light intensity do you need? We study each container farm project separately to tailor the optimal solution to your needs.

The advantages of our container farms

  • Adaptable for lettuce, herbs, leafy greens, microgreens, …
  • Multiple compartments possible
  • LEDs of top quality for your application
  • More µmol/joule = higher costs/benefits of the LED lighting
  • Energy-saving climatization with heat recovery
  • Ease of use thanks to ergonomics and automation
  • Robust and precise sensors
  • Monitoring and managing of all data from 1 panel
  • Extremely hygienic and controlled production environment
  • Tailor-made solutions: warehouse, container, growth chamber
  • Advice concerning development and organization of the workflow
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Optimize your workflow for extra profit

A good workflow organization is crucial. Smart Farmers is your partner for advice and tailor-made solutions in container farming. Contact us for a feasibility scan, free of charge.

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