Aquaponics concerns fish farming and crop farming in one single ecosystem. You can start your own aquaponics farm and grow two or more crops in one system. Smart Farmers equips your aquaponic installation with efficient waterpumps, refined filtration and reliable aeration. Optimal control is obtained via continual sensoring and data monitoring.

Extend your farming activities

With aquaponics you extend your activities and couple your existing fish farm a system for vegetable farming – or vice versa. This will allow for re-usage and efficient use of water and farming without manure residues. It also allows for balancing energy and heat. Smart Farmers build both coupled and non-coupled aquaponics systems. The latter allow for more ease of business in our experience.

What are the Revenues and Costs of our Aquaponics Installations?

  • Yields fish: 20-50 kg fish per m3, 6-12 months per cohort, system of cohort shifting
  • Yields herbs/lettuce: 200 units/m2/year
  • Main costs: fish feed, fry, seedlings, packaging, transport and energy
  • Important parameters: in addition to typical parameters for fish and plant farming, correct dimensioning and remineralisation of residual flows are important
  • Growth period fish: 6-12 months, cohorts are shifted along according to growth
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