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We design and build innovative hydro-systems for profitable food production.

Vertical farming and aquaponics innovation

Smart Farmers develops and implements innovative systems for sustainable, profitable horticulture. We design vertical farming with LED technology and aquaponics systems to the needs of your organization or project. Produce renders year-round, independently of weather conditions, and is consistent and predictable. Water usage, artificial fertilizer and waste are strongly reduced and the end product is free from pesticides, locally produced and of highest quality.

  • Farm all year round;
  • Save water;
  • Fast rotation, dynamic system; fast payback;
  • Stable production environment, independent climate;
  • All parameters under control


Greenhouse cultivation

Greenhouse farmers worldwide are applying new technologies and optimize use of energy and resources.
We couple fish farming to our existing installation and have both systems co-operate intelligently.

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Smart Farming and clean tech

Food production is breaking new grounds: precision agriculture allows for measuring and managing crops. It is now possible to farm fish and crops with a helicopter view and with maximum control. For indoor installations with LED or smart aquaponics, we are your men.

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Urban farming

Urban farming and urban development go hand in hand. Smart, intensive urban farming can optimise limited space.
Smart farmers are experts at urban farming and can build your project of sustainable farming in the city of the future.

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Smart Farmers services

Research and advice

Smart Farmers works closely with a number of research institutes, combination of their expertise with ours leads to an important knowledge base. We are happy to help you with 360° advice for your problem or question.

Feasibility study

You have an interesting aquaculture, aquaponics or vertical farming project in mind. We help you evaluate opportunities and risks.

Design and installation

You wish to launch yourself with a new installation. Smart Farmers will support you with first stop advice to turn-key projects.

Training and advice

Using your installation properly is beneficial for your work appreciation as well as your profits. We deliver standard training with installation projects and link them to the competences within your company.

Our expertise

Aquaponics and Aquaculture

Aquaponics combines fish or crustaceans farming with crops in one eco system. Smart farmers has improved a number of aquaponics techniques and now builds automated systems for the professional market.

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Agriculture and horticulture require space, which is scarce. Vertical farming offers a solution and allows more control over the crops. A stable production environment ensures more securities and profits year round.

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Your specific project requires a specific approach. Smart farmers excels in developing tailor-made projects.

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Installations and tailor-made solutions

Your specific project requires a specific approach. Smart farmers excels in developing tailor-made projects.

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